Can guinea pigs live outside?


Yes! Guinea Pigs can either live outside or indoors. If you keep them in doors for hygienic reasons it is best to get a plastic bottomed cage as this wont soak in pee. If kept outside, it should be kept a hutch, placed not directly on the ground.
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Yes, guinea pigs can live outside, but it is not a wise decision. Rodents are very susceptible to getting sick if they get cold or wet. If they are kept outside, they should be protected and kept warm.
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guinea pigs have very limited lifespans outside as they are susceptible to respiratory infections in the cold and DO NOT handle heat well. i would suggest getting your guinea pigs
1. Cover the bottom of the guinea pig cage with a mixture of heavy and soft bedding. Choose wood stove pellets, equine pellet bedding or ground corn cobs as the main heavy bedding
1 Make sure you have everything you need for your guinea pig. See the Things You'll Need section for details. Ad 2 Place a pen outside on grass that has never been sprayed. 3 Remove
In a typical situation, a guinea pig's life expectancy can be about five years. That
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