Can guinea pigs live outside?


Yes! Guinea Pigs can either live outside or indoors. If you keep them in doors for hygienic reasons it is best to get a plastic bottomed cage as this wont soak in pee. If kept outside, it should be kept a hutch, placed not directly on the ground.
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Yes, guinea pigs can live outside, but it is not a wise decision. Rodents are very susceptible to getting sick if they get cold or wet. If they are kept outside, they should be protected and kept warm.
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guinea pigs have very limited lifespans outside as they are susceptible to respiratory infections in the cold and DO NOT handle heat well. i would suggest getting your guinea pigs
Guinea Pigs originated in the Andes, but have since become domesticated and are really not the same type of guinea pigs that are found in the wild. So to answer your questions about
1. Pick a place outside to set up your guinea pig cage. It should be on level ground that's mostly shaded. An hour or two of sunlight is okay. Make sure the cage is within view so
1. Make sure you have everything you need for your guinea pig. See the. Things You'll Need. section for details. Ad. 2. Place a pen outside on grass that has never been sprayed. 3
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Guinea pigs can live to as long as seven years. However, early deaths are common due to illnesses. The common causes are Upper respiratory tract infections, UTI, ...
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