Can Herpes Be Spread from Drinking after Someone?


Yes, it is possible for herpes to spread from drinking after someone especially if it is done immediately after the sick person is done with drinking. This however only happens in the case of oral herpes.
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There is a chance that you won't get it if you take some precautions. You're not always doomed to get it just from one time having intercourse. Over time you could possibly get it
The harm done to the liver, pancreas, nervous system (brain, brain stem, nerves) is correlated to the total amount of alcohol drunk, not to how fast you feel intoxicated. Embed Quote
Cold sores or mouth herpes can be spread by
Herpes is spread by contact with an infected individual. Showering won't prevent it. It cannot be cured. You can get herpes on any part of your body. Be very careful, use condoms,
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It is not possible to spread oral herpes through shared food and drink. Herpes is easiest to spread and contract during a viral outbreak, through an outbreak ...
Herpes is spread through direct contacting with the live virus including kissing, touching or caressing, sexual contact, or sharing the same drinking glass, lipstick ...
Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is spread by having skin to skin contact with someone who has it. Examples are kissing with active cold sores or ...
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