Can I Put an All over Blonde Dye on My Bleach Highlighted Hair?


It is possible to dye hair blonde, you choose the correct bleach and make sure it is one specifically for hair and is also safe to use on the scalp.
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The highlighted parts will go lighter than the rest.
iyaa babes(: Don't put dye if it's orange it will just make it worse, Ive gone from dark brown to bleach blonde and i went through a gingery/orangey stage but all you have to do is
What if i use Born Blonde Nice N Easy bleach to die my hair, but it's spotty, so I put brown hair dye over it, (medium brown to be
I had a hair crisis earlier on in the year, so I had to get highlights done professionally. After several months, my hair is now kind of a yellowy colour, but not that bright. It&
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You can dye your red hair blonde at home simply by using a good strong bleach with blue undertones. You will have to lighten it as much as possible, and then put ...
To dye red hair to blonde, bleach will be required. If the hair is naturally red, the bleach will probably not need to be left on the hair for very long. If the ...
To dye your eyebrow hairs, first, put aside a small bit of hair dye for your eyebrows and then place a small wipe in a cup or cap. Next, apply a very small quantity ...
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