Can I take a crochet hook on a plane?


According to the Huffington Post, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration allows airline passengers to take crochet hooks as carry-on items. Most knitting needles are permitted on board, as well.

However, the Huffington Post warns that certain TSA agents are more cautious and may not approve craft items. Some handwork tools, such as circular wooden or plastic needles, seem to be universally acceptable. At security checkpoints, it is recommended that crocheting and knitting travellers put their tools directly into the plastic bins to simplify the inspection process. Although the TSA lets knitting needles through security checkpoints, the TSA indicates that circular thread cutters or cutters with internal blades are not acceptable. These cutters must be transported in checked luggage.

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Dear Tonia, As mentioned before, you can take onboard combined items which can not exceed the 3oz limit. But if you are planning to take all with you you must declare it to the Security
everything you mentioned is allowed through security. if the clip on your clipboard is metal you might want to remove it from your bag and have it x-rayed separately. this should
Check out the website of your airport, it will tell you.
That's always difficult - so many people have a fear of flying and it's that natural gut feeling that you're up there with no visible means of support. So you can quote statistics
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