Can Salt Cure a Stye?


Salt alone cannot cure stye if added directly and it can even end up hurting instead. It is advisable to add salt to water and make a saline solution. You can then use this solution to dab onto the stye.
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An easy way to get rid of a stye is to make an herbal tea from coriander, roughly 1 teaspoon of coriander to 1 cup of tea. After the tea has cooled rinse your eye with it.
1. Apply a warm compress to the affected eye for 10 minutes, three to four times a day. To make a warm compress, soak a washcloth with hot water. Ring out the washcloth and put it
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Most styes go away on their own 5-7 days.Apply warm compress 4-6 times/day for 15 min at
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A stye will usually go away on its own in about a week. To cure it on your own, or to hasten the healing process, you can use a warm compress 4 to 6 times a day ...
To cure a stye is straight forward, it won't disappear overnight, but it will help to take the swelling and soreness down. Take some warm water and some table ...
1 Timely and regular application of the prescribed antibiotic drop helps to combat infection. 2 Surgical drainage of the stye may also be necessary if the stye ...
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