Can something with constant speed accelerate?


Yes, something with a constant speed can be accelerating. Speed is a scalar quantity, meaning that it does not factor in direction. Acceleration is a vector quantity and therefore includes direction. An object moving in a circular pattern, for example, can remain at the same speed and be considered to be accelerating at the same time.
Q&A Related to "Can something with constant speed accelerate?"
Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity over a given time period. Velocity is a vector quantity: it includes speedand direction. That being said, you can accelerate an object
because acceleration is any change in VELOCITY, and velocity describes both the speed and direction of motion. if you change the motion, even if the speed stays constant, then the
An object moving at constant speed is accelerating because
If you have access to many core machines or GPUs, you can look into some parallel FFT routines to speed up your calculations. Although your speed up will be greater the larger your
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