What Year Did Women Start Wearing Pants?


Women didn't actively start wearing pants until after the Victorian period. Back in the day they were referred to as britches, trousers, and trews. My grandma called them britches.
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Bell-bottom pants. Just about every pair of pants worn in the 1970s had flared legs, which were called bell bottoms. These pants were similar to the boot cut jeans worn in later decades
1. Have the needed height. Have the needed height. Wide leg pants are best suited on the average height to taller women. Sorry ladies, but if you are shorter with a wider build then
Women were always able to wear pants, it was simply considered socially unacceptable. During the late 1800s, women started to wear pants for industrial work. During World War II,
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1. Consider the primary function of the pant suit you seek. A pant suit you would wear to work in a bank may look different from one you would wear to a wedding. ...
Women can wear white pants whenever they want. However, style etiquette dictates white pants should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. ...
Women started wearing pants around the middle of the19th century. They wore them while they were working in the coal mines. They also wore them to go horseback ...
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