How to Fill a Carbide Lamp?


Wear goggles and rubber gloves, eliminate the top slot of the carbide lamp, discharge the fluid carbide into the bottom half until it's 2/3 full, fill the top section with clean water, modify the top lever until the water drips at only one drop per second, rejoin the lamp by screwing the top and bottom parts back together, examine the gas flow by pushing your lips up against the glass, light the lamp with a match or electric lighter, turn the water up or down varying on the height of flame you want and it's ready for use or sale.
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1. Fill the lower chamber, also called the generator chamber, with calcium carbide powder. Depending on the size of the lamp you possess, the reservoir should be able to handle one-and-a-half
( ′kär′bīd ′lamp ) (mining engineering) A lamp that is charged with calcium carbide and water to form acetylene, which it burns.
Calcium Carbide is used in "Carbide Lamps" Water, added dropwise to Calcium Carbide yields acetylene plus calcium hydroxide. Acetylene is extremely flammable, giving a colorless
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