What Causes Lower Back Pain?


Lower back pain is most commonly caused by a stain, sprain or spasm in the muscles or ligaments in the lower back. Sometimes it can be indicative of a more serious problem.
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Urinary tract disorders, such as a urinary tract infection or an obstruction of the ureter, can cause left flank pain. The ureters are tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the
This could possibly be a kidney problem. If the pain goes away about half an hour or a bit later after you drink a couple of glasses of water it is probably kidney stones as kidney
Anything from a muscle strain to appendicitis or tubal pregnancy. Go to the doctor if the pain is extreme or lasts more than three days.
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Pain in the lower left side of your back, or flank area can indicate a kidney infection or stone. I have had kidney stones many times in my life and I can tell ...
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