What Causes Leg Pain?


Walking a lot can cause pain in legs. It certainly is an inconvenience. However, you can expect it if you are on your feet all day like a nurse is or a construction worker.
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Arthritic hand. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) both cause joint pain and stiffness. These conditions are the result of inflamed joints. When the lining of the joint
Many conditions can cause leg pain and stiffness. According to The Merck Manuals Online Medical Library, pain is the most common symptom associated with muscle disorders. However,
Exercise and lack of exercise! If for example you wear flat shoes all week and the go out in high heels, that can cause problems.
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The pain in the right buttock leg may be due to various reasons. The most possible explanation is sacroiliac joints or sciatica. You should see a doctor immediately ...
Leg pain while seated can be due to the disease rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis causes the joints to become stiff and swollen. This disease will cause knee pain ...
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