What Are the Common Causes of Academic Failure among High School Students?


Academic failure can be related to a number of factors for high school students. Unresolved issues at home can be a huge factor, as well as how involved parents are in the child's education. If the parents don't care or are too busy, some students have a hard time self-motivating. High school students also might find themselves distracted by dating and partying, and studies can fall to the wayside.
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There are multiple reasons why. In some cases, students may have physical or mental incapability of processing information. Sometimes, students may have a negative attitude towards
I think that is certainly affects a student's life. Their confidence will fall greatly with academic failure as teachers often view the child as a "problem child" Their
As far as the administrative side of the University, the Academic and the Students Dean must decide on the base of the existing policy. Sometimes they may request the students to
By knowing the reason of a student's failure you can chart out the weaknesses and their remedies. It is just like the good diagnose by a doctor can make you healthy in a short time.
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