What is cephalocaudal pattern?


The. cephalocaudal pattern. is where the greatest development takes place at the top of the body, i.e. the head, and physical development moves gradually downwards: e.g. neck, shoulders, trunk, etc.
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cephalocaudal means to develop from head to tail. This happens in the first 2 years of life, primarily, Examples: brain/head development earlier coordination than in arms and legs
The cephalocaudal pattern is the sequence in which the greatest growth always occurs at the top Ð the head Ð when physical growth in size, weight, and feature differentiation
we can make relatively accurate and useful predictions about learners and design effective instructional strategies based on our knowledge of development (Santrock, 2002)
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An example of cephalocaudal development is one where an infant develops the head, upper trunk, and arm control before developing the lower trunk and leg control. ...
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