Chapter by Chapter Summary of Black Beauty?


Black Beauty is a classic novel by the English writer, Anna Sewell. The book was published on November 24th, 1877. It is considered to be one of the best selling books of all times and has been adapted to many for many featured films and television. Students researching the book may often find a chapter by chapter summary of the book by utilizing websites such as Cliffs-notes, which is famous study guide for various books. These types of summaries explain, in detail, the key points of each chapter as well as explain each character's actions in that chapter.
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Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
Set in Victorian London, the novel follows the shifting fortunes of a horse as he moves from owner to owner. Narrated by the noble Black Beauty himself, the tale offers an animal’s perspective of the world...... More »
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Chapter summaries can be found for most books of any genre. One online source is It is a comprehensive database of summaries and overall chapter synopsis for a wide
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1. Determine whether you will write a topic outline or a sentence outline. Topic outlines use only one word or short phrase in the sections; sentence outlines use complete sentences
Black Beauty has 49 chapters.
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Chapter summaries for black beauty are study guides for 49 chapters that can be found on the website, enotes. The summary of Black Beauty is about the author's ...
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