Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire?


There are several characteristics of a good questionnaire. The first thing to decide is what type of questionnaire you want to create. The type will usually be based on the audience, whether it be a class or shoppers at a mall. Another characteristic is to be clear about what information you want to gather with the questionnaire. Once that is determined, finding the right questions is much easier.
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Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire
Questionnaires are a common and inexpensive research tool used by companies to get feedback from consumers or customers. For questionnaires to deliver relevant, accurate and useful results, you have to design them in a way that allows for honest feedback... More »
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- clearly written. short, concise questions. logical and clear format. good flow of questions. not too long or demanding.
The wording of the questions, use a formal style but yet easy format Layout of the questionnaire- should be presentable, easy to read, looks appealing Type of questions you will ask
It is short, user-friendly, easy to understand and comprehensive with regard to the number of potential users. It is intended for people aged 9 and over.
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Some of the characteristics of a good questionnaire are: Open-ended questions which allow the respondent to express himself fully. It should have an attractive ...
Qualities of a good questionnaire: Objectives. A good questionnaire is developed based on a specific set of objectives of what the researchers want to know. The ...
A good response rate for questionnaires is one that has the highest percentage of people who receive questionnaires and actually respond adequately. There is no ...
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