Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire?


There are several characteristics of a good questionnaire. The first thing to decide is what type of questionnaire you want to create. The type will usually be based on the audience, whether it be a class or shoppers at a mall. Another characteristic is to be clear about what information you want to gather with the questionnaire. Once that is determined, finding the right questions is much easier.
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Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire
Questionnaires are effective business tools for gathering demographic information, facts, personal opinions and attitudes from your clients and customers. One of the greatest benefits of questionnaires lies in their uniformity – all respondents see... More »
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- clearly written. short, concise questions. logical and clear format. good flow of questions. not too long or demanding.
1. Write down the primary objectives of your survey, according to the International Household Survey Network. Use objectives that are specific and measurable, as these are areas you
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