Characters of Two Kinds by Amy Tan?


Two Kinds is a short story written by Amy Tan in 1989. The story is part of the book, The Joy Luck Club. There are several characters in the book. The main character's name is Jing- Mei Woos. The story is centered around the main character's childhood. There are several characters in Two Kinds such as Waverly Jong, Jing's cousin, Mr. Chong, Jing's deaf piano teacher, Lind jong, which is Jing's auntie and Uncle Tin, which is Jing's uncle and Lind's husband.
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In the story
We are told in the beginning of the story that Jing Mei's mother is a Chinese immigrant who came to San Francisco in 1949. The reader can assume that the story takes place here, and
Internal-Mental conflicts. Someone can't make up their mind, they feel guilty, etc. External-two people have a dispute. I wont give you any more info because it is YOUR homework.
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Two Kinds by Amy Tan was published in 1989. The short story is from Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club. The conflict in the story is over piano lessons. Jing-Mei wants to ...
There are two themes to Two Kinds by Amy Tan. The first is taking pride in yourself and what you accomplish. The second is standing up for yourself regardless ...
'Two Kinds' is a tale about a Chinese American girl locked in a fight over her identity with her mother. The details of the summary can be found online at . ...
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