What are the chemistry lab apparatus?


bunsen burner , pipett , burette , spatula , evaporating dish , dropper, filter funnel , thermometer , top balance , retort stand , measuring cylinder , test tube , stirring rod , gauze , mortor , pestle , tripod , beaker. i guess thats all ...
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Do you mean something like this? http://www.tedpella.com/beakers_html/145… Besides being called a spotting dish, it's more commonly known as a spot plate.
Well, lol, the newcomers should have a pop up informing then that an identical question has already been asked, just before they post it. Then they decide either to proceed or to
Test tube-to store liquids thermometer- measure the temperature grauted cylinder-to measure the amounts of liquid Anonymous
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There are many important apparatus in chemistry laboratory. These apparatus are of great importance since it allows experimentation of elements possible. It allows ...
The apparatus used in Chemistry lab is wide ranging. It includes various types of flasks, furnances, microscopes, wash bottles and test tubes. Besides, more complex ...
Conical flask,Beaker,test tube, burette,pipette,soxhlet apparatus,muffle furnace,hot plate,spatula are some of the apparatuses. ...
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