Chief of the Mohawks during the French and Indian War?


During the French and Indian War, the chief of the Mohawks was Hendrick Theyanoguin. This war was also known as the Seven Years' War. It lasted from 1754 - 1763. The predominant forces in the war was New France and British America. Great Britain and France declared war specifically on each other in 1756. Most of the war was fought on the perimeter of New France and the British colonies between Nova Scotia and Virginia.
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Joseph Brant AKA Thayendanega was the chief
The French and Indian War was a result of a dispute between the French and the British over dominance of the Ohio River valley. The British colonies of Virginia and Pennsylvania regarded
I think you might mean Chief Pontiac. Pontiac was born about 1720 in the late spring, and moved to an Indian Village around the area of Detroit when he was young. He was a great Indian
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General Edward Braddock was the British commander-in-chief of the armies of the 13 colonies during the French and Indian War of 1754. Born in January 1695, he ...
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