How to Remember a Civil Rights Leader?


1 Get a huge poster, crayons or paints. - Draw or color a picture of the civil rights leader - Take it to a library, and hang it on the wall - Take it to a tree and post it on that 2 Mention his name at schools, concerts, movies, and debate clubs. -
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People who lead others in a fight for equality amongst everyone.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African American clergyman, activist and prominent
Two standards. Black civil rights leaders are not interested in true civil rights, only in civil rights to a particular race. Ironic.
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A civil rights leader is a person who is dedicated to fight against segregation, slavery and unfair treatment. They belong to a Civil Rights Movement, which has ...
In the English Civil war, the military leaders included Jacob Astley, John Byron, Charles Gerard etc. The political and religious leaders were Earl of Argyll, ...
Throughout history there have been many civil rights leaders who have fought for the freedom and equal rights of others. These people often risked their own lives ...
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