Common Household Acids?


Common household acids may sound like they appear in chemicals, and they might, but they may be in the fridge as well. Orange juice may be the most common household acid, as oranges are very acidic. Lemons are another common household item that is acidic. Aspirin, or Acetylsalicylic Acid, is another common acid found in homes. The scientific name says it all. Apples, vinegar, and tomato juice are more common acids found in homes as are beer, grapefruits, and the chemicals contained inside of a car battery.
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The acidity or basicity of a solution is expressed as a pH score (pH stands for "potential of hydrogen" Acids test low, as a pH of 0-7, with 0 being the most acidic. Bases
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Acid Rain is most common where air pollution is high. Pollutants in Air like Carbon Dioxide & SO2 dissolve in water and form Carbonic Acid & Sulfuric Acids.
Drain cleaners, oven cleaners, bleach, and lye are all
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Some common household acids include vinegar, lemon juice, and soda beverages. Some common household bases include baking powder, toothpaste, and chlorine bleach. ...
Acids that are found at home are citrus fruits, ascorbic acid( Vitamin C), vinegar, carbonic acid and lactic acid. The common household bases are ammonia, soap ...
While some household acids are extremely dangerous and corrosive, others are mild enough to eat. For instance, acetic acid and citric acid are two common household ...
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