How to Learn Common Phrases in Irish?


1 If a friendly enough Irish person, picks up a conversation with you, the first thing they'll say would be "Hello" which in Irish is - "Dia Duit" . (Dee-ya-gwitch) Who ever says Dia Duit first, the other person answers - "Dia is Muire Duit" .
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Aingeal Éireannach / Aingeal Gaelach.
A common Gaelic phrase might be 'tha deagh shìde ann' which means 'the weather is
taw too guh hawlin : You are beautiful. The cadence should be equal stress on the first three and the hardest on the fourth and down again on the fifth. e.g. la la la LA la. taw too
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1. Focus on one form of Gaelic to start - either Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic or Manx. Download or buy a Gaelic language learning software program. Look for a ...
Trí dheonú Dé. [tree yónu dae] ...
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