How can I compare and contrast mixtures and pure substances?


Matter can be classified as either a pure substance or a mixture. When you compare the two, a mixture can be homogeneous and a pure substance is always homogeneous. A mixture can also be heterogeneous. In contrast to each other, a mixture is the combining of two or more substances which can be separated while pure substances cannot be physically separated. There are two types of pure substances, elements and compounds but commonly a pure substance is an element.
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Pure substances are ones that cannot be broken down into
A mixture consists of two or more components that are mixed, but not chemically combined, and can exist in various ratios. A pure substance is an element or a compound, having a definite
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Chemists can classify matter as solid, liquid, or gas. But there are other ways to classify matter, as well — such as pure substances and mixtures. Classification is one of
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