What is the compound symbol for solder?


Solder comes in various sorts - lead-free, brass, silver, and probably others.
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The physical and chemical properties of vinegar reflect the fact that
Nitrate: NO3- Sulfate: SO4 2- Phosphate: PO4 3- Ammonium: NH4+ Carbonate: CO3 2- Hydroxide: OH- Source(s): Chemistry student
NH4+ is the chemical symbol for an ammonium ion. Sb is the element Antimony.
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Na. OH. ...
All acids are compounds containing an ion of protein. Examples are H2SO4 ( sulfuric), HCL (hydrochloric), HNO3 (nitric), H3PO4 ( phosphoric), and HNO2 (nitrous ...
A compound variable is a symbol name that does not start with a digit or period, but contains one or more periods. In addition, the last character is not a period ...
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