What is the contributions of Plato in literature?


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Born: circa 428 BC
Birthplace: Athens, Greece
Died: in 347 BC
Plato was a Classical Greek philosopher who was a student of Socrates and founded the Academy of Athens.
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The ancient Greeks are credited with forming what would be seen as a modern state. Plato was central in this thinking and has strong views on the role of the state in people's lives
Plato's influence on science is largely through Aristotle, who accepted
His biggest contribution to politics was that WOMEN, if qualified should be part of the plitical mix. Contrary to popluar belief, Plato WAS NOT the father to some of the most brutal
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Plato's major contribution was to the field of psychology on the subject matter of metaphysics. His thoughts on the idea of the soul and its tripartite division: ...
Plato is best known for his significant contributions to mathematics. In geometry he is the father of the theory of forms, which is still used in modern geometrical ...
He created the first Academy of Athens, and while at this academy he educated who would soon become the most influential mathematicians and philosophers. This ...
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