What causes convectional rainfall?


This is where warm air rises, when the conditions are right the sun can intensly heat the ground causing warm air to rise. Miissmeg.
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This type of rainfall is a response to heating by the sun and happens all over the world. The link below explains different types of rainfall mechanisms with diagrams as well. http:
Convection. Warm moist air rises and the air cools as it gets higher. The moisture condenses as the air cools. If there are particles (dust etc) that the water molecules can attach
The convection rainfall is the precipitation phenomenon which the atmospheric convective drift causes. Anonymous
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A conventional rainfall diagram is a physical representation of how convectional rainfall occurs. It shows how energy of the sun heats up the earth's surface ...
Convectional rainfall refers to the type of rainfall that is a result of the following processes. Rays from the sun heat the ground, causing water to evaporate ...
Convectional rainfall is a type of rainfall formed when the sun heats the earth causing warm air to rise, cooling and condensing in the atmosphere to form clouds ...
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