Conversion Factor from CFM to LPM?


The conversion factor from CFM to LPM is one CFm is equal to 238.238 LPM. CFM is the abbreviation for cubic feet per minute and LPM is the abbreviation for liters per minute. As of 2013, there are several places where one can conversion charts for CFMs and LPMs. These charts can be found at Engineering Toolbox, Convert-Measurements-Units, Convert Units, Calcunation, and Lenn Tech. These measurements are very commonly used in various forms of engineering.
Q&A Related to "Conversion Factor from CFM to LPM?"
At the same temperature and pressure (0 °C, 1 atm), multiply by 1 h/60 min x (1 ft/0.3048 m)³ = 0.58858 (approx) This is equivalent to dividing by 1.699 or rounded, 1.7.
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