What Is the Function of the Coronary Circuit?


The function of the coronary circuit is to supply oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the body and to remove waste product and carbon dioxide through respiration. The arteries deliver the oxygenated blood to the body after it has passed through the lungs and is pumped from the heart. Veins route the used blood to the lungs to resupply oxygen.
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This is the circulation of blood to the myocardium, or heart muscle, to supply oxygen and to remove CO2 waste just as any other cell requires. It is the same process as is circulation
Coronary circulation is necessary to supply the metabolic needs of the
to add to the above answer: The LAD (left anterior descending) has branches called the diagonals, of which there may be several. The circumflex has branches call obtuse marginals
They all involve anastomosis.
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