Correct Way to Write Dollars and Cents?


The correct way to write dollars and cents varies with the context of where this information will appear. Writing dollars and cents amounts on checks illustrates two correct ways of writing money amounts. The amount of $1,453.65 is written in exactly that manner in the space allotted for it located to the right of the payee's name. Be sure to include the comma to denote that the amount is greater than $1.000. On the next line on the check, you need to spell out the amount of money the check represents. In this case, the amount is written as One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty-Three and 65/100 Dollars.
Q&A Related to "Correct Way to Write Dollars and Cents?"
1. Write amounts of less than one dollar with the ordinal number and the spelled number plus the word "cents." For example, a legal document would specify the amount of
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