Crazy as a Betsy Bug?


Crazy as Betsy Bug is an idiom or phrase the describes the way someone behaves. Other phrases that are similar to that are crazy as a loon and crazy as a peach orchard boar. The phrase, 'crazy as Betsy bug' is commonly used in the southern states, such as Louisiana. These terms refer to someone who doesn't think like everyone else and does things that normal people would not do. It's a nicer way of saying that someone is not in their right mind.
Q&A Related to "Crazy as a Betsy Bug?"
They sound like the typical earthworm, they adapt based on their enviroment. If they are localized in the forest, they'll change color to fit that surrounding.
A Bessie Bug is actually a Betsy Beetle, and it can be
I'm in England too and am having the same problem, i swear they've even formed their own little maffia and are trying to torture me this year, its like they know im terrrified of
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