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Crip in full is community restoration in Progress. The Crips are an American gang found in California, they are fierce, deal in drugs, kill people and notorious for many criminal activities.
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a term used to refer to a person who is partially or totally unable to use one or more limbs.
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"Crip" is a derivative of "cripple". People started calling gang members that when, as a trend, they began carrying around canes. That is how the uber violent
Just doing Crip things lol. Crip Walk, Crip dance, Crip Gang Signs, etc.
If a Crip set throws up a 6 point star then yeh most likely its got ties to Folk.
it also means it is an adult word. only those over 16 can read behind the stars and understand. sorry. Source(s): x
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To speak crip, you actually have to have a good memory. 1-8-7 means to murder or kill. 311 means Crip Killer; i.e., 3=C and 11=K. 420 is Hitler's birthday, which ...
Crip stands for Community Restoration in Progress. It is a name of in Los Angeles street. Crisp also means a disabled person. It is a noun that can also mean offensive ...
A Crip is a gang member of the notorious inner city street gang. The crip colors are blue, gray, black, orange, purple and yellow. The colors have meaning to the ...
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