Who is the current ruler of Spain?


The Current of Spain is King Juan Carlos
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Leaders of Spain
Chief: King Juan Carlos I
Head: President of the Government Mariano Rajoy
General elections are elections held for the national legislature, which consists of two chambers, the Congress of Deputies and the Senate. The Congress and Senate serve concurrent terms that run for a maximum of four years.
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The current ruler of Spain is Juan Carlos I, grandson of Alfonso XIII, 1975-
The ruler of Spain Juan Carlos. He was proclaimed king on Nov 22 in 1975. He went into office when Franco died in office on Nov. 20 of 1975.
At the moment, the "president of the government" is Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Spain is a constitutional monarchy and doesn't have a president. Zapatero is prime minister
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In Spain, the king is the head of the state. King Juan Carlos I is the current ruler of Spain, he came into power in 1975. He was born on January 5, 1938 in Rome ...
The ruler of Spain is King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia. They were both born in 1938. Juan Carlos was proclaimed King on November 22nd, 1975. In his first message ...
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