How to Fold Cute Notes?


When making a note to someone, sometimes it's fun to fold it in a cute way. A cute way to fold it is in the shape of a swan. Another great way to fold a note is in a heart.
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1. Write your note on a piece of square paper. Rotate the paper so that it looks like a diamond. 2. Fold the top corner in half over to the bottom corner. Crease and unfold. Repeat
You could fold your note the boring way or turn it into a paper airplane or an
stuff folding! find a straw and make spit balls XD.
When writing on a folded note card, you should open up the note card and begin to write on the lower inside portion of the card.
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Notes can be folded creatively in the shapes of a heart, flower, jewelry and envelopes among others. You can sample out creative ways to fold notes online from ...
The coolest way of folding notes is folding them into various decorative shapes such as a heart, triangle or animal. A term that can be used to refer to such arts ...
Depending on the size and shape of your note and envelope, you can should attempt to fold your note in a way that allows it to fit the envelope properly. Use a ...
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