Cycle of Oral Communication?


A cycle of communication is the idea of each specific act that occurs during oral communication between two parties. The cycle begins with the speaker. Next is the idea, followed by language, sound transmission, sound waves, reception of sound, interpretation by the brain, ideas,to the listener. This is followed by verbal feedback transmitted in the same order back to the listener. The process can easily apply to more than one listener as well as it can to more than one speaker.
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Oral communication is the language or the word you are spoken that came from your mouth. It is also the act of expressing your idea, knowledge and suggestions to the listener and
idea to speak efficiently to language that create sound to sound waves.
One form of oral communication in a business setting is a presentation. Presentations are usually an organized conveyance of information to a group of people. Stylistically, they
Your academic background suggests that you spend much more timing writing than you do orally communicating ideas. I think you should simply think of it as a underdeveloped skill. As
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