What are some examples of cylinder-shaped objects?


If you look around the house, you will see all sorts of cylinder shaped items. Cylinder shaped items include a pen, pencil, a glue stick, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, a garbage can, drinking glass, pill bottle, a rolling pin, candles, a film canister, salt and pepper shaker, a can of hairspray, a water bottle, a jar of pickles, wine corks, a vacuum cleaner hose, a roll of coins, a curtain rod, a stick of chalk, a soda can, your finger, and a roll of tape.
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A geometric cylinder is a tube.Soup cans, some cups/glasses, or a roll of
A can, a circular cup, a wheel, etc.
1. Glue the 2 square pieces of plywood together with the carpenter's glue to form an 18-inch-square, 11/2-inch-thick base. Clamp the pieces together until the glue is dry. Remove
cans, candles, glasses, plumbing tubes, etc.
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