Cylinder Shaped Items?


If you look around the house, you will see all sorts of cylinder shaped items. Cylinder shaped items include a pen, pencil, a glue stick, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, a garbage can, drinking glass, pill bottle, a rolling pin, candles, a film canister, salt and pepper shaker, a can of hairspray, a water bottle, a jar of pickles, wine corks, a vacuum cleaner hose, a roll of coins, a curtain rod, a stick of chalk, a soda can, your finger, and a roll of tape.
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The cardboard from the toilet paper roll.
A geometric cylinder is a tube.Soup cans, some cups/glasses, or a roll of
1. Glue the 2 square pieces of plywood together with the carpenter's glue to form an 18-inch-square, 11/2-inch-thick base. Clamp the pieces together until the glue is dry. Remove
cans, candles, glasses, plumbing tubes, etc.
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A cylinder is a closed solid shape with two parallel bases that are connected by a curved surface. Cylinders are very common shapes in everyday life. Beverage ...
A Cylinder has a shape of long straight sides and two circular ends. The ends are usually the same size. Hollow tubes with cylinder shapes and are often used as ...
Cylinder commonly refers to a three dimensional geometric shape. The word may also refer to the space in which a piston travels in an engine, a container for storing ...
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