How to Do the Stroll Line Dance.?


1. Stand in a line down the middle of the room facing the followers standing across from you in another line about 24 inches away. Stand with your feet about a shoulders' width apart. 2. Pick up your right foot and put it down to the left of your
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Step dance is more of a generic term to describe a certain type of dancing. Step dance is where the footwork is the most important part and body and arm movements are considered irrelevant
When you step and you stroll.
1 Listen to the music first. Ad 2 Be sure th
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The Stroll is a song from the 1950s and is a 6 count step line dance. The same sequence is done over and over. Itââ‚& ...
The fifties stroll has two lines of dancers with a large space in the middle, the lead dancers on one side and their partners on the other. The dancers do a step ...
The stroll is a classic line dance of American origin that you can dance using the following ways; first, stand with your feet apart, then cross your right leg ...
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