What are the worlds deadliest insects?


i think the worlds deadliest insects are fire ants cause they can get really hurt or maybe burned if you get bit by one Not sure how to rate them, but there are things in Australia that kill people pretty quickly. They may all be spiders, though, so
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Mosquitos are often considered to be the most dangerous animals to humans. Certain species transmit malaria, a disease that kills 1-2 million people every year.
Cobras, box jellyfish, great white sharks and lions are also considered to be some of the most dangerous animals.
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African Assassin Bug. True, it is a voracious predator and also true that it
According to LiveScience, deadliest animal is the mosquito. They often carry malaria parasites, so causing deaths of more than 2 million people a year.
This totally depends on what you mean by "deadliest." There are species of bees and ants that aren't particularly dangerous is you only encounter one. But they travel in
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The deadliest insect in the world is the mosquito. Mosquitoes have a parasite that causes the deadly disease malaria. Mosquitoes cause about one million deaths ...
The most deadliest insect in the world is the mosquito. These insects carry parasites which cause malaria; a dangerous disease that kills about two million people ...
There are thousands of insects that can harm humans. The mosquito is the deadliest insect in the world because it transmits diseases such as AIDS and malaria. ...
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