How to Define a Definition List in HTML.?


1. Locate the spot on your page where you want to define a definition list. 2. Create the skeleton for your definition list by entering an opening. and a closing. tag. 3. Add individual definitions to the list by placing. DT. and. DD. elements inside
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in a clear and definite manner; unambiguously.
unequivocally; positively.
(used to express complete agreement or strong affirmation): Are you starting your diet tomorrow? Definitely!
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1 Open a simple text editing program such as Notepad or WordPad on Windows, or if you're on a Mac, open up TextEdit. Ad 2 Type the definition list tag <dl>. Press enter or return
explain or identify the essentials of nature, now go to the dictionary if you want to find out too as well if you don't believe me.
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The word definement refers to the act of defining or describing; definition. It is derived from the term define which refers to the act of stating the meaning ...
Definability is the extent at which the meaning of a word, phrase or term can be obtained, as in a dictionary entry. It is derived from the term definition, which ...
Definable is a word that has been taken from the word define. Define means to state, establish or express the meaning of a subject. Hence definable expresses the ...
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