What is the meaning of Ningas Cogon?


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First who or what "ningas cogon" is I have not a clue. As to changing a peoples negative attitudes, remember they are only negative because they are different to ours who
I think the moral of hercules is that you don't need power to make you happy. And that love is stronger than anything. Hercules went to the underworld to look for Meg. That says something
they said its a filipino mentality,on when they started something and don't continue or finish it to the end.I don't want to be offendsive but most often they say this to the government
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Ningas Cogan is a Filipino word which translate to Burning Cogon. Cogon is a type of thin, dry grass that burns very easily, but it also burns out fast. Ningas ...
The term cogonal can simply be defined as a cane-field or a land overgrown with cogon. Cogon is any of several tall grasses native to south eastern Asia and used ...
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