How to Calculate Mole Percent.?


1. Determine the mass of all chemical species in a mixture. If the mixture has already been prepared, then this information would have to be provided to you by the person who prepared it. If you have prepared the mixture yourself, then this simply
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For example: Mix a kilogram of tablesalt with a kilogram of glucose. What is the mole percentage of glucose in this mixture? MM NaCL = 58.443 g/mol. MM C6H12O6 = 180.1566 g/mol. 1000
Mass is something you can measure. For example, you take a known quantity (a gram, a kg) of a substance and you burn it in excess oxygen and you can collect so much CO2, so much
( ′mōl pər′sent ) (chemistry) Percentage calculation expressed in terms of moles rather than weight.
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