What is the Definition of Alcohol?


Alcohol is a spirit that can cause intoxication from drinking, such as wine or liquor. It is brewed by fermentation with sugars & starches. Drink it moderately it's a good brew but if you drink too much you may have a hangover the next day.
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1. Make a wick for your alcohol lamp. Cut a length of knitting yarn to about 6 to 8 inches and place it in small, clean glass jar. You can use baby food jars. 2. Make a hole in the
Answerie serves as a source of heat for laboratory activity Alcohol lamps are ideal for laboratories where there is no gas. They use common alcohol to produce a smokeless and residue-free
Amber would be defined as,a pale yellow,sometimes reddish or brownish, and Lamp
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A lamp is any of a variety of devices that produce radiation, especially for therapeutic purposes. A lamp is also a device containing alcohol or oil burned through ...
The function of an alcohol lamp is to gently heat small to medium amounts of materials. The glass alcohol lamp includes a stopper, wick, and a cap. ...
Alcohol lamps have many uses. They are used to heat objects in laboratories as well as in the repairing of pens. They give off a smokeless flame, which is also ...
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