What is the definition of dew?


Dew is moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies especially at night. ChaCha now!
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[doo, dyoo]
moisture condensed from the atmosphere, especially at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface.
something like or compared to such drops of moisture, as in purity, delicacy, or refreshing quality.
moisture in small drops on a surface, as tears or perspiration.
to wet with or as with dew.
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dew point: the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins
Dew point (dew-point temperature) The temperature to which a given parcel of air must be cooled at constant pressure and constant water-vapor content in order for saturation to occur
Hi Chuck The dewpoint is the air temperature that dew would form at. So, if the temperature of the air was 70 and the dewpoint temperature was 60 then if the temperature of the air
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The word dews can be defined as something moist, fresh, pure or renewing. It can also be used to describe moisture that is in the form of tears or perspiration ...
The definition of dew point is when the temperature of the air at which it becomes saturated and produces dew. It is when water vapor becomes saturdated and drops ...
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