What are the definition or meaning of diastole?


definiton or meaning of diastole : Refers to the phase of the. cardiac cycle. when the heart is relaxed. This phase of the cardiac cycle contributes to the lower number in blood pressure readings, called the "diastolic blood pressure. A value of
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[dahy-as-tl-ee, -tl-ee]
Physiology the normal rhythmical dilatation of the heart during which the chambers are filling with blood.
Prosody the lengthening of a syllable regularly short, especially before a pause or at the ictus.
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Diastolic Pressure (noun) is the lowest arterial blood pressure of a
Overview What Is the Definition of Diastolic Pressure? Diastolic blood pressure is needed in order for blood to reach all parts (or "branches") of the body. Diastolic pressure
Not medical advice: Diastolic BP is the pressure in your vessels between heartbeats.
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The word diastolic refers to that which relates to a diastole or happens during a diastole. A diastole is the normal rhythmical dilatation of the heart during ...
Diastole is a physiology term that refers to the rhythmical relaxation and dilatation of the heart chambers. In Greek and Latin verse, it is the lengthening of ...
BP is an acronym for blood Pressure. It is a force of blood against walls of arteries. It is recorded as two numbers namely diastolic pressure and systolic pressure ...
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