What is the definition of proper subset?


A set S is a proper subset of a set T if each element of S is also in T and there is at least one element in T that is not in S.
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a set that is a part of a larger set.
Mathematics a set consisting of elements of a given set that can be the same as the given set or smaller.
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A subset is a portion of a set. Mathematically defining, a set in which all the elements can be found in another set is said to be a subset of the latter set.
You could use the axiom of extensionality to make a simpler definition: $$A\subsetneq B =_\mathrm{def} (\forall x\in A. x\in B)\land \lnot(A=B).$$ This is, of course, equivalent to
According to the XMetal specs, you can style elements to look like tables using display:table;, etc. Read more here. So you could do this dl { display: table; } di{ display:table-row
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An improper subset is defined as the subset consisting of all elements of a given set. The antonym of improper subset is proper subset. A proper subset of a set ...
While I'm not trying to get overly 'definitional' I believe that Marketing Automation is a subset of CRM - so it's not an either/or decision.
Thanks for asking this important question Merlin. There are a lot of definitions floating around out there.

Lead generation is a subset ...
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