How to Get the Gloom Armor in "Demon's Souls"?


1. Make your way to the second, smaller tower in the Fool's Idol Archstone level, in World 3-2. Climb up to the forth level of this tower and follow the short bridge past the small cages used to lower you down. 2. Drop down off of the end of the
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Brushwood Armor is some of the best in 'Demon's Souls' because it is very
I you feel lucky go to the Shrine of Storms. Near the mini boss (same one as in the tutorial) there's a sword called Uchigatana. It's very strong, especialy is you manage to have
I dont have the slightist clue what your talking about.
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1. Withdraw your best armor and weapon from the bank. In order to heal yourself it is best to bring along a creature such as a Bunyip. These will continue to heal ...
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