Canterbury Tales - What is the description of the Summoner?


This guy is lecherous, dishonest, and generally unethical. He also drinks to excess, and when he's drunk he's very unpleasant to be around, From Shmoop. Source(s)….
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He is ugly with a fire-red complexion,
A man paid to summon sinners to come to trial • red complexion, boils and lesions all over his face (nothing could cure them) • gets drunk and only speaks in Latin &bull
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In the Canterbury Tales, the summoner is the individual who is charged with bringing the person who has been accused of breaking the church law to the ecclesiastical ...
'The Summoner's Tale' was a tale in Geoffrey Chaucer's book The Canterbury Tales. This book tells the story the personal conflict between the Friar and the Summoner ...
The description of the Monk from the play Canterbury Tales includes that he was not a traditional monk and often strayed from the rules of his profession. The ...
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