How to delete files with a long destination address?


1. Click the Windows “Start” button and then the “Search” box. 2. Type “cmd' in the “Search” box and tap “Enter.”. 3. Type “cacls C:\path-to-directory\directory-name /T /G Everyone:F” at the command prompt. Replace “path-to-directory\directory-name”
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You need to know where it is so that you can find it again. You should keep your files organised in proper folders so they are easy to find.
The easiest way is to have the external HDD formatted as FAT32 this way the EFS will not be transferred. or do a 'cypher /d' on the copied files
you can change your default install directory in uTorrent options, or when you just start your torrent download when you see what files you are downloading, at the top you can change
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