What are the site for intramuscular injections?


vastus lateralis, ventral gluteal, deltoid.
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1. Position yourself on the side of the patient that corresponds to your dominant hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, stand on the right side of the patient. Make sure the
Buttock site ite For IM Injection, Find the trochanter.It is the
Four sites can be used to give an intramuscular injection. Choosing the proper site is necessary for proper absorption of the medicine and avoidance of injury. Use a site on your
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An intramuscular injection video is a useful tool when one is learning to position an intramuscular injection especially on a human body. This video might show ...
The internet provides information about giving your dog an intramuscular injection. There are several different places that the injection can be given. A simple ...
If your doctor tells you that you are going to get a deltoid intramuscular injection, this is a fancy phrase for a shot in the upper arm. This is the normal place ...
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