How to Swim the Butterfly Stroke.?


1. Hold your legs together and extend your arms above your head. 2. Kick your legs up and down once in a whipping motion generating from the hips and bending at the knees, as if you were a dolphin. 3. Pull both of your arms simultaneously and
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1 Use the correct arm movement. The arm movement in butterfly stroke can be broken down into three parts: the pull, the push and the recovery. Starting with your arms extended above
Butterfly is definitely the most physically demanding, but IMHO breaststroke is the hardest to master because the technique and the timing have to be perfect. Embed Quote
The main strokes for competitive swimming are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly.
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There are more than six types of swimming strokes. These include the front crawl stroke, the back stroke and the butterfly stroke. Other strokes include the breast ...
The slowest swimming stroke in swimming is the breast stroke. This stroke is inefficient in terms of hydrodynamics and does no foster fast movement in water. Breast ...
The butterfly stroke is an impressive swimming stroke that requires both endurance and strength. The butterfly stroke has three major parts, the pull, the push ...
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