How does a dialysis machine work?


A dialysis machine tries to mimic some of the functions of a human kidney. One of the jobs of the kidney is to remove urea and certain salts from the blood so they can exit the body in urine.
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The dialysis machine is approximately the size of a dishwasher and is used to clean wastes from your blood, pump it, and monitor the flow, as well as your blood pressure and the rate
A dialysis machine is used when a patient's kidneys cannot effectively clean the blood. This machine cleans the blood for the patient.
The dialysis machine has three main jobs: pump blood and watch flow for safety clean
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A dialysis machine, is a machine that pulls the waste and toxins out of a person's kidneys, and replenishes it with new, clean fluid. This is necessary for people ...
Willem Kolff. Invented the kidney dialysis machine (1944) ...
A dialysis machine has a tube that is made of a semi-porous membrane and a sterile solution that is made up of solvents such as water and sugar. This machine has ...
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