What is a Diamante Poem?


A diamante poem has seven lines and is shaped like a diamond. The first and seventh lines are usually subjects or nouns that contrast each other. The second line describes the first, while the sixth describes the seventh. Diamante poems can also be
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1. Compose line one using one noun that has a one-word compliment or opposition that you can use for line seven. 2. Create line two using two adjectives that describe line one. 3.
A Diamante - is a 7 line poem written in a shape of a diamond.
A diamante is a seven line poem, shaped like a diamond.
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A diamante poem is a type of poem that follows a particular or specific format. The poem comprises of seven lines in the shape of a diamond. Every line in the ...
A Diamante poem gets its name from the shape it forms on the page, like a diamond. It consists of seven lines. Each line begins with an extra word until it passes ...
The Diamante poem is shaped like a diamond. It follows a strict pattern, and has 7 lines. Line 1 is one noun, Line 2 is two adjectives describing that noun, Line ...
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