Did Rihanna give Chris Brown an STD?


Celebrated pop star Rihanna did not give former boyfriend Chris Brown a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The rumor apparently arose from a false lawsuit filed by an impostor claiming to be Brown, according to celebrity gossip website TMZ.

The lawsuit, records of which TMZ obtained from the U.S. District Court in Tennessee, claimed that Rihanna infected Brown with herpes and called for both a restraining order against Rihanna and $10 million in damages. Although the suit was allegedly filed by Brown, its outlandish claims clearly marked it as a hoax. The accuser's claims that Rihanna threw herself into the wall "just as Jim Carrey did in the movie 'Liar, Liar,'" upon learning of the STD and that the strain of herpes was "most likely lethal" demonstrated that the suit was a joke intended to embarrass both stars.

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rihanna did not give chris brown std they had got into a fight and every thing else is a lie so do not belive what they say they are some lieing b***H'S
It is rumored that Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes. She is rumored to have
Because Rihanna beat his åss. And I have proof. He bit her. You bite when you're scared.
Rumors say Chris Brown hit Rihanna because of an argument started by a text from another woman! They dated for 14 months.
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In court documents released to the media, it is alleged that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna following a very heated argument in his car after Rihanna found text messages ...
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